MakeTronix Alarm

It is perfect for hobbyists at home, and comes with lots of tutorials, resources, examples and lesson plans,
perfect for use by a teacher in a workshop or classroom.

Who are we?

At just 16 years old, Zach is a Raspberry Pi enthusiast. He co-runs the Covent Garden Raspberry Jams, gives talks at events, runs workshops for people of all ages, builds and demonstrates awesome robotics projects and created PiPiano. Jake is a 17 year old back & front end web expert who has worked with a variety of individuals and businesses. Together, we aim to create build-it-yourself electronic devices to help people understand the technological world we live in and contribute to it. This is why we started MakeTronix.

The Story of MakeTronix Alarm

We were approached by a 10 year old boy attempting to learn programming with a Raspberry Pi, and asking how he could build a bedroom alarm with a Pi. We set about helping him learn the required programming and get the required components, and discovered how quickly he picked up programming and had a fully functioning alarm. Now he's hard at work, integrating motion detecting cameras and social media integration and he now wants to build a private website for his home's security!

What is it?

We decided this would make a fantastic educational tool and came up with the MakeTronix Alarm. It is a fully-assembled circuit board with a motion sensor, keypad, LED and sounder, that sits on top of the Raspberry Pi, enabling anyone to build their own alarm in minutes. It comes with a software library that makes it easy to talk to the circuit board from Python, lots of examples, tutorials and lesson plans to get you started with Python programming and building your own alarm. This makes it perfect for individuals who want to learn how technology works, how to program and how to build an awesome, DIY customisable internet-connected alarm with a Raspberry Pi, as well as a tool for teachers to teach programming in an exciting, interactive, practical and engaging way. MakeTronix Alarm is a fully-assembled circuit board that sits on top of your Pi with a keypad, light, sounder and motion sensor. This makes it easy to build an alarm with our tutorials, educational resources and lesson plans. It’s also great for integration with other projects that require you to input a numerical code, detect motion, flash an LED or make some noise. The sky is the limit with MakeTronix Alarm!

NOTE: This is an educational product. Please use commercially available alarms to ensure the security of your property. We cannot take any responsibility for the security of your property.

What can you do with it?

MakeTronix Alarm is a fantastic means of learning the basics of programming, learning how code works, how circuit boards work, how electronics can be integrated in the world and is a portal into the world of the Internet of Things. Our tutorials and lesson plans take you or your classroom through setting up a Raspberry Pi, flashing a light, making some noise, reading the keypad, detecting motion and making an alarm. This provides a good grounding for the world of computer science and programming. With this knowledge and equipment, you can go on to build other exciting projects. MakeTronix Alarm could become an internet-controlled, intelligent, home-made, DIY alarm with cameras, a website, social network integration and more!

What do you get?

You will receive a fully assembled circuit board so within minutes, you can just place your MakeTronix Alarm onto your Pi and get learning, hacking and programming We have gone through multiple prototypes and are now happy with the design and functionality of the board. MakeTronix Alarm will be manufactured and assembled in China and your pledges will support our production costs. Zach has already liaised with the company to ensure we can offer fully-assembled, safe, circuit boards, ready for schools & homes, for the best price. We have an experienced business partner, Ryanteck, who have themselves made multiple Raspberry Pi add-on boards and educational electronic products, working with us on this project. They have helped in the prototyping and will provide fulfilment for the boards (postage and packaging).

Note: You will need an internet connected Raspberry Pi with keyboard, mouse and screen in order to use MakeTronix Alarm.


We've worked closely with young people to find out how they learn best. We've then taken this information and produced Tutorials that not just benefit youngsters, but also the 18+ population as well.

Number Description Download
Zero Plugging Alarm Board In View
One Getting Rasbian, setting up the hardware and downloading the code and library. View
Two Plugging it all in View
Three Downloading code View
Four Understanding View
Five Understanding and running it View
Six Understanding View
Seven Understanding View